The office is registered as a licensed provider for planning by ministerial offices and municipalities

The office was established in 1987 and deals with planning, design and supervision of varied projects and advises in diverse topics in the building field, for various clients in the private and public sectors

Our employees are architects and designers who have accumulated a vast experience in planning and design for various projects

In the office we accumulated vast experience in the planning of public buildings, residential, commerce, parking, offices and hotels including interior design

The style of work is based on personal contact with the client, starting from the preliminary stages of programming through the process of planning and execution till completion of the project, while being meticulous with quality and timetable

The office accompanies the project from the stage of analysis and programming and adjusting it to the needs of the entrepreneurs through the sketching stage, coordination of the advisors plans, plans for permits, detailed planning and supervision

You can find amongst some of our clients – the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Jerusalem Municipality,Local councils and municipalities, Entrepreneurs and Contractors,Macabi Health Services,Charities, Yeshivot and Organizations, Kibutzim ,Private and public companies and private clients